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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the EMF Camp this year providing site-wide DECT telephone access.

You can bring your own DECT telephone and join the network, enabling you to call other EMF participants and interactive services for free.


Use the DECT Phone Compatibility List to find out if your phone is compatible.


To secure your personal extension in advance please register for an account. Once logged in you can create a new extension - remember to set the type to "DECT"

Once you're in range of the network you can instruct your phone to join.

1. Find the "Register" option in your phone's menus. This varies between models, and you may need to do it more than once.

2. If you're prompted for a pin try 0000

3. Once your phone has registered, click the key icon within Guru3 and call the number shown to claim your personal extension

4. You're now connected to the network and call other users.

POTS (Plain old telephone service)

There will be a site-wide POTS network allowing you to connect a traditional analog phone to a phone line, with support for modems and fax machines.

For more information see CuTEL_HQ

External Calls


NO outbound dialing from SIP extensions!

You can dial most PSTN number you like from the fixed phones at the venue and also from the DECT phones. Outbound calls are limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes. The call will be disconnected, reaching the limit. A warning beep will be played 30 seconds before. There is no need for a special prefix, just dial the number in national or international format. UK numbers don't need a country code. International numbers should start with double zero not plus.


You can receive calls on the camp network from the outside world, callers can dial;

   +44 330 053 2800 (UK)
   +1 313 631 2600 (US)

And then enter your extension number followed by #

Alternative way with DID (direct inward dialling)

Using this way you might call all extensions directly.

CAUTION: This might not work with every network operator. The number length might cause issues.

    +49 221 5961909 [YOUR EXTENSION] (DE)


The main 4 UK networks have patchy coverage on site, at the moment Vodafone seems to be marginally better.

Telet/EMF Cells

We have 2 GSM/LTE (2G/4G) cells on site provided by Telet Research, these provide our own low power mobile network. This service is very experimental! You can access the network with your regular SIM card and mobile number, your phone should automatically roam onto this network if it doesn't see your regular providers signal. Your calls will still work as normal on your existing number.

The cells offer 4G/LTE Data but Voice is only on 2G/GSM, so if you try to make a call there may be some delay while the phone drops down to 2G to complete the call. There is only 3MHz of LTE spectrum allocated which equates to around 6-7mbps for everyone so please don't run speed tests just to see what you get, its not fast! The network code for this is 235 88 and should appear on your phone as Telet/EMF, you may also see the network name Wavemobile.

Roaming Messages

You may get a text message from your operator that says you are roaming in Jersey, this is due to the way the Telet cells run, they relay the signalling traffic through Jersey Telecom in order to provide access for existing sims. Please do not worry about roaming charges no calls or data go back to your operator they are passed out to the public networks via Telet and no billing records are sent to the home carrier.

Cell Locations

One cell is located in HQ and the other is a DK at the north end of the site, there isn't much particularly interesting to look at, they're just a box with antenna ports, a PoE network connection and a GSM antenna (for synchronisation)

Calls to the camp network

When on the Telet/EMF cellular network you can call directly to the camp network by prefixing the number with 363 (EMF) so to call the info desk you would dial 3631001, your regular mobile number will be sent as caller ID.


Any questions about this service can be directed to the POC via the Infodesk.

WiFi Calling

We have done some work on the WiFi network to enable access for WiFi calling to UK providers, previously this hasn't worked as the IP range we use appears to the carrier as being in Germany and most then block WiFi Calling, However we have solved this, wifi calling should just work normally the same way as it does at home from any of the camp wifi networks.

Again please direct questions about WiFiCalling to the POC via the Infodesk.