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Village Cambridge Makespace
Bringing "Who goes there" A small installation.

A fake wound made for first aid practice. Polyester paperweight Lights that flash and annoy people.

Arrival 2018/08/31
Departure 2018/09/02
Art, Badge, Beer, Board Games, Coffee, Electronics, Hugs, IoT, Light, Lockpicking, Maths, Photography, Physics, Python, Railways, Raspberry Pi, Tea, This wiki

This user acquired the nickname "Scruffy" at university, that was an accident.

This user holds an MSc in how to make chips, but ended up working on OS stacks, that was an accident.

Thinks in a mixture of C and Pratchett quotes.

Claims that he is not going bald, it's just that his hair has the common decency to fall out rather than turn grey.