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People who have extra tickets to dispose of

Been sitting on the train, contacted everyone on the list. Purchased the ticket eventually.

Some guys who are sold out - removed from the list - those who replied a little bit too late (went with the first seller) - promoted to the top.

All the rest - chances are they have a ticket - keeping them on the list.

Confirmed to have tickets AND very responsive

Likely to have have tickets but super instant flash gordon speedy with replying

People who are looking for a ticket

  • User:Dusty I am looking for a ticket for the whole event please. Contact me on Twitter: @dustySTS or email: [email address removed] Thank you so much!
  • User:Vince31
  • User:alias Looking for a ticket for the whole event to get a crew member there to help make a cyberpunk film at the event. Plz poke me on twitter @alteralias