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Sneakernet Logo

The Sneakernet gives you an opportunity to send items within and beyond the Electromagnetic Field site. It will have letter boxes scattered over the field, where people can drop a postcard or letter that will get shipped by all over the field. Villages who have a clearly marked mailbox next to the road, and written on the wiki that they are accepting mail, will also receive a daily personalized postcard written by Inspirobot.

Sending your mail via Sneakernet

Drop your postcard, letter or parcel one of the mailboxes around the site. Make sure it is clearly labeled with the village you wish it to go to! If you wish to send an item via the UK postal service, attach the correct postage and it will be taken to the nearest post office for you at the end of the festival.

Join Sneakernet

To receive sneaker-mail delivered to your village during the festival:

  • Register your village on this wiki page
  • Attach an A4 or larger sign to a lighting pole beside the road or track nearest your village which clearly shows:
    • the sneakernet logo
    • your village name
  • Attach a mailbox underneath your sign, which is:
    • waterproof
    • easy to open/close
    • can contain a package the size of ream of A4 paper


All items sent at your own risk.

List of villages on the Sneakernet