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EV charging is frequently requested, and we plan to provide a dedicated parking area for this at EMF2018.

Please note that your vehicles will be charged from our (modern, clean) diesel generators - there is still no other economical way of providing power at events such EMF.

Our present plans involve providing power either on standard 16A IEC309 ('caravan'/'commando'/'ceeform') connectors or on UK 13A sockets.

We need more information and feedback on what works for EV owners, e.g. what cables/connectors do you have.

If you would like to charge your EV at EMF, please fill in your details below.

Name/Nick Power requirements Notes
edent 10A 3 pin socket, or 16 amp Type 2 socket. I'd suggest not many people have a IEC309 converter - so may be more practical to supply BS 1363 sockets, or Mennekes / IEC 62196 Type 2.
Incanus 10A 3 pin socket, or 16 amp Type 2 socket. I would echo Edent's comment that most wont have a IEC309 converter. Either normal 3 pin plug socket or Type 2. Shame there are so few public charge points in that part of the country :(
RedMac 10A 3 pin socket, or 16 amp Type 2 socket. I can convert to IEC309 so happy either way.
Pez 10A 3 pin socket, or up to 32 amp Type 2 socket. While I have an IEC309 to 13A adapter, I'd advise against providing IEC309 without one, as everyone would need to adapt them to 13A sockets anyway before use, as far as I'm aware, there's no such thing as an IEC309 to Type 2 cable. Covered/waterproof 13A sockets on the end of heavy-duty (to mitigate load concerns), would be best!