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You might like to check out our [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] page in case your query has already been answered.
== Email ==
== Email ==

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For general questions or if you're not sure which team is most appropriate, please email:

  • [mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]

If you can, please email the specific team for your inquiry. This will ensure emails are dealt with as promptly as possible:

  • [mailto:[email address removed] Content] for talks, workshops and installations
  • [mailto:[email address removed] Volunteering] including first aid. Note: this is for volunteering on site, if you'd like to help with organising the event use [mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]
  • [mailto:[email address removed] Sponsorship]
  • [mailto:[email address removed] Food/drink vendors]


We can also be reached at the following locations:

If you have an informal question, and you're not in a rush, pop onto IRC. A good number of people idle there, so you'll probably find it best to ask your question and be prepared to wait around for a few minutes for an answer.