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Script ideas! Got an idea? Add it to the list:)

Originator Working Title Script idea Notes
Pascoe with extra bodyshock by Alia Tent Man Untethered. We are going with this idea A tent is sad because it constantly gets taken to festivals,but never gets to go to the events. One day, its owner forgets h ow to pack it up and does it all wrong, accidentally twisting and folding it into the shape of a human man. The tent seizes this opportunity to spend a day exploring the festival. Happiness ensues.

page for this film idea

File:Tent draft5-SortedbyLocation.pdf Contains scenes grouped together for shooting

File:Tent draft5.pdf This will be what the final film is like

More Details here

Pascoe Deadline A man is injected with deadly poison and has only hours to live. In this damaged state, he stumbles across the EMF festival and soon formulates a delirious plan to make himself part-machine and thereby save his own life I'm mostly just imagining James stumbling around the festival, accosting people and attempting to eat circuit-boards and the like.
James Festival Man My thought was to do something local, since I read recently that there were neolithic artifacts found near Milton Keynes. A tattooed Stone age man has somewhow been put into a kind of suspended animation (a la Lindow Man--but..ummm....better...) around the time of Stonehenge's construction--he awakes at the festival and has to work out where he is, finally exchanging his neolithic jewellry trinkets for the "magic" circuit board / other techno goodies. One of the goodies he gets zaps him back home to the bronze age at the end.
Alia Holiday at the end of the universe An alien wanders around EMF chatting to the attendees and going

to all the events, writing the experience up as an article for a galactic travel blog

Bugs Proof of Concept Follow an attendee character around EMF, visiting the more eye-catching

installations/demos/etc and surreptitiously taking stuff from each person visited (a circuit board, a weird-looking component, a chunk of machined metal...). Eventually pointed looks and comments make it clear that this is pre-arranged, just very much under the table. We also see that EMF is being watched from a distance by a bland, professional-looking type.

Later that night, the attendee has gone far from the crowds and assembled the components into some weird-looking device. The professional enters and, threatens attendee with an odd-looking weapon, looks over the device and is impressed that the design is more elegant than others the professional has seen.

The attendee insists that that they wasn't going to abuse it, and only wanted to know 'if it was possible'. The professional is unmoved, pulls out a couple of components, makes a final adjustment, powers the device up and starts walking away. The attendee peers at the device to see what was done, realises, starts to lunge away, then the attendee and the device blink out of existence.

File:Electromagnetic-Field-Script-Idea-Proof of Concept-OUTLINE-SCRIPT-V1.pdf
Pascoe Raise the roof The organiser of the festival loses the gigantic roof he ordered. He's panicked, but no one else seems to care. Sam: that's not even funny, so many panic situations and we're still 10 days out 0_0
Alia Invisible Friend A man accidentally turns his friend invisible at EMF and loses him. He

spends the whole festival looking for his friend who has dropped and lost his now invisible phone.

Alia Grandfather Paradox A timetraveller goes to EMF to meet his grandfather. He gets tired and

has to find somewhere to plug himself in to recharge. Eventually he finds the tent where the A.I. experiment is happening.

File:Electromagnetic Field-Grandfather Paradox-OUTLINE-SCRIPT-V1.pdf

Pascoe's addition: I was suggesting was that the reveal of roboticness/non-literal-grandfatherness could be preceded by a scene in which the ‘grandfather’ suffers a horrific groin injury, rendering him impotent. We think “Oh no, now James could never have been born”, but then the AI sign or whatever comes into view. “Hooray” we all shout, “That horrific groin injury wasn’t so serious after all”. The end.

Alia Robots Day Off A man is being chased by a deadly robot that looks just like him. The

robot chases the man into EMF, but gets distracted and decides it would be more fun to just go to the festival. By the time they meet up again the man has constructed a weapon to kill the robot with but the robot just wants to be friends. And make homebrew.

Crypt Dire Predictions A man writes a computer program that can flawlessly predict the future then he runs it and finds out theres going to be a huge disaster at EMF, and has to run around the site to warn everyone. Gets in lots of fights with the people running various instalations, then gets out just in time to see the entire site blow up in some hideous explosion Gets a nice tour of the site, with some fun explosions and effects at the end :)
Alia Deep Thought Someone has an accident in the food tent and ingests a concoction that lets them 'see' other peoples thoughts. As the night wears on it becomes apparent that more and more people have eaten the same thing. Potential for fun with text overlays onto video here.