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Who is Tent Man?

Is he an avatar birthed by a tent? Does he have a link to the tent and runs back to it if it is threatened? Do we see timelapses of the tent in the field looking peaceful or happy as tent man experiences the world? Is Tent Man the tent itself? Does he have arms, legs and a head and wears the tent around him like a suit? Can he commune with the other tents? Does he expand to full tent size if threatened? Does he expand to allow his new found friends to shelter from the cold and rain? Does his ultimate moment of existence happen when he has made many friends and not only can he shelter them but they bring the party inside him. How big does he get??? Does he wear this hat when it rains? http://ebay.eu/1BFCuLE


A tent is sad because it constantly gets taken to festivals,but never gets to go to the events. One day, its owner forgets h ow to pack it up and does it all wrong, accidentally twisting and folding it into the shape of a human man. The tent seizes this opportunity to spend a day exploring the festival. Happiness ensues.


File:Tent draft5-SortedbyLocation.pdf Contains scenes grouped together for shooting

File:Tent draft5.pdf This will be what the final film is like

Concept Art & Costume Progress

Our [wonderful costume designer] is hard at work. She has kissed sleep goodbye!