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The committee have accepted a proposal to make a collaborative Sci-Fi film at EMF this year! If you're interested in getting involved, please either get in touch with me (emf at peanutsandwich dot org dot uk ), or edit this page under the relevant heading. Here's an example of the sort of thing I've done before with friends in 48 hours from script writing to final product - we can definitely make something really cool!

Scroll to the end to sign up (or drop me an email to 'emf at peanutsandwich dot org dot uk' if you'd rather not edit a wiki)

Maybe you have always wanted to be part of a film crew…? Read on!

Leading Man: We only just found out the filming proposal is accepted, Since so much of this film is going to be arranged in a bit of a rush now, I want to make sure we have a great actor available from the outset. James Sobol Kelly is on board and dead keen has been offered a commercial in Prague and has had to bow out. HOWEVER Edward Linard who worked with us on Crosses has come on board! (But I do need to find enough money to make sure he can afford to do this with us. Please go to the pledge page if you're able to contribute to this)

Script: There is a list of ideas we're working on and if anyone wants to contribute to this conversation, click here:

Crew: We have a director, camera operator and actor. We could use general crew/data technician(s)/sound recordist to save me splitting my attention too many ways.

Runners In some ways the most important job and without which nothing would ever get done. More fun than it sounds and includes logging, set dressing, warning people ahead of time we're on our way/keeping people out of shot, helping to set up a shot, being all round thinking ahead type person, making helpful suggestions, lugging kit and sole responsibility for the clapper board. Worth having a few on rotation.

Post-Production: We have 2 terabytes on a server at EMF, where rushes will be getting dumped. If we have an editor, they can start working as soon as rushes hit the server. If we have people on effects then effects-heavy shots get filmed first.

Data Technician: Are any of you completely nerdy about organising data? I know I am and I could really use someone to take on this role . We need you to upload the rushes to the server, organise the different components by which script segment they belong to, make sure everything is logged neatly and basically be the person who ensures that this is a project that CAN be done remotely and collaboratively. Sane data is happy data and if that sounds like something you think privately (or loudly and publicly) this could be the job for you.

Editing: Having an editor would make it possible to have finished film by the end of the festival (rather than just a film in the can which gets edited later). If anyone is keen to take this on then I am keen to meet you!

Effects: It's now possible to do pretty respectable effects on a laptop in a field. Anyone interested in this, let me know! You don't need to sign up to do the whole thing but you can cherry pick an effect or two from the script that you fancy trying your hand at.

Colours/Sound: Adjusting the colours and levels on a film is a rare skill - is there anyone who's done this before and wants to again?

Music: Any musicians out there who've always wanted to score a film?:) This could be your chance! There are a number of options for music for this film. Start credits/end credits, the actual score and incidental music are all things that are up for grabs. It will all depend on the script we go with, but if you have a preference for what you'd like to do, get in touch!

Sound Effects: Often forgotten about but can make or break the believability of the film. Can you make someones voice sound robotic, fake the soundscape of an alien landing or make appropriate use of a Wilhelm Scream? This may be the job for you!

Actors: To some extent the script we go with will depend on if people are keen to be in the film or keen to have their EMF talk/workshop be in the backdrop of the film. I want to be careful not to film people who don't want to be filmed. If you have acting ambitions, get in touch - it'll be great to know you're out there and this could be a step towards stardom!

Cameras/lights/sound gear: Mostly sorted, although if anyone wants to offer kit I may bite your arm off:)

Even if you have a main activity you are best at it would be good to know if you can operate cameras / mics & field recorder for an hour or so if other people need to go off and do something else, so do indicate if you've done this sort of thing before:) I can work all the kit I will be bringing so can help get people up to speed if needed.


User Service Offered Links Notes (inc availability) Assigned Role
Lauren Hutchinson Actor 'Sleepy Girl'
Robin Harrison Actor
Kitty Wong Actor No lines please

Crew, Skills, Resources

User Service Offered Links Notes (inc availability) Assigned Role
Alteralias Directing/Producing Directing & Producing
Steve/TCMSLP Music/Soundscapes (Cubase 7.5) http://www.coherer.net https://soundcloud.com/steve_netting Can bring gear if given warning. Travelling home Sunday PM. On the Music & Sound Effects teams
Tom Music/Sound effects (NI Maschine, Ableton Live 8) No experience with video or film, but I'm bringing my audio gear to do some live electronica on EMFM, should be pretty good for Foley type work as well. I'll have a laptop with Ableton Live and Maschine software along with a decent interface (Scarlett 18i6), a field recorder, at least one condenser (Rode NT3 probably) and a Maschine 2 control surface. I'll be there Friday lunchtime to Monday morning. On the Music & Sound Effects teams
AV Cameras / Steadicam / DOP / Lighting Did all the above on https://vimeo.com/63572559 On the Cameras, Lighting, Steadicam teams
Blake/synacktik Production Sound Mixer - Crew Experience in theatre, not film but willing to help out on sound recording and other crew duties as needed. On the Sound Recording team. On the Running team.
Paul Hegarty/cynarblackmane Drone Pilot ( professional broadcast engineer/cameraman) Bringing camera equipped quad / broadcast grade recorder. I normally set up a client's kit & can bypass a mid-range camera's internal compression and record it's output directly (either uncompressed or ProRes). I do live TV for a living so I'd be more than happy to help out on the ground. On the Cameras, Aerial Filming teams
Martin (Crypt) Effects I can help with some effects, but I'm likely to be busy with orga stuff, so not sure I'd have enough time during the event, although if theres stuff you want to work on after, I might be able to help with that On the Post Production team & Making it better after the festival team;)
Joe Kirby Cameras, Sound, General experience with film I am a Film and TV student going into my third and final year. I am happy to chip in wherever is needed inc Running. I have done location sound recording. On my last university project I was sound recorder/sound mixer, where I used a H4N with a boom pole and shotgun mic for dialog and foley’s. I also used a few radio mics for some of the tricky shots where the boom wouldn’t reach without interfering with the shot. Also I have a bit of experience with a SQN mini sound mixer I have used on previous projects. On the Sound Recording team. On the Running team. Reserve on the Cameras team.
Chris (df0) Editing I have some experience and knowledge of video editing - primarily using FCP. However I’ve not participated in any serious collaborative editing projects so this would be a learning curve for me. If nobody more qualified volunteers then I would like to help out with this and the filming in general.

I have an 8mm ultra-wide fisheye lens. It’s a Sony E-mount, you are welcome to borrow the camera also for the shot.

On the Editing team.
Robert McWilliam (ormiret) Not much relevant experience but I know just enough to be dangerous in a few areas and would be keen to get invovlved. Data Technician
Kitty Wong Photographer Fashion Shoot with Tent Man. Behind the Scenes Photography. Shoot Photography. Publicity Stills On the Photography team
Tom Bird Data Services Offering 2 TB on a server at EMF, where rushes can be dumped (same serer as webcasts)
David Croft Data Services Regarding Rushes: If you'd like to put this in the NOC data centre where it'll be in the most central location with a 1Gbps port, come and see me when you arrive on site.I'll be in the NOC/HQ tent, or you can get someone to radio me. If it's Tom's microserver I'll just sort that out with him, we know each other and it's going in the noc-dc anyway
HughePaul Sound recording, audio mixing I'll have some nikon lenses with me: f1.4 (85), f1.8 (50), f2.8 (24-70, 70-200, 105 macro), can pack some mics, closed headphones, and XLR cables if required. Arriving early friday, leaving monday, volunteering for info/security.


User Equipment Offered Details and Notes
HughePaul Lenses nikon fit: f1.4 (85), f1.8 (50), f2.8 (24-70, 70-200, 105 macro)
HughePaul Mics and XLR cables old AKG CK1 condenser, U87i (for booth use only)


Location Person spoken to Notes (inc availability)
Oxhack tent Lauren Hutchinson ​you guys are invited to the Oxhack village too to shoot if you like. There's a guy with a ghostbusters backpack 3d printer, we'll send him and the ukulele players to wander about as extras. ;)
Demo Tent Martin (Crypt) Feel free to drop into the demo tent at any time. We will have some very nice backdrops and lots of coffee :)
The Security of the Internet of Things: Curtains and Power Plants José Manuel Díez Lopez Just echoing what Jonty said. I don't think you'll have issues with a speaker not wanting to be filmed (talks are recorded by default if I remember correctly). However I'd be more than happy to have my talk be part of a backdrop or whatever you need.
The Festival Jonty I don't think anyone will have a problem with their talk/ installation/tent/giant robot being in the film. Assume it'll be ok, but do ask people just in case.
Lounge Amran Ok it in advance to have a 1 hr slot whenever:)
LHS Bikeshed (SPACESHIP!!) Tomw Give us a bit of warning to get the ship powered up, but otherwise feel free to film inside. We have a bunch of low-light cameras onboard already we can stream footage from too.
Nottinghack Time Band Michael Erskin I see that there is a call for musicians -- the NottingHack Time Band

will be jamming at EMF. I doubt we could commit to anything major like a score but feel free to record anything that might be useful. (Question: Can we get them to play some music for our actor to dance to?)

EMFM tent Tom I'm doing a couple of late night (10-11pm) DJ slots on Saturday and Sunday, featuring many strange coloured flashing lights and odd noises. Does tent man do interviews? Happy to be used as background :)
Campervan HughePaul Meth labs discouraged.