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Village: Open Data Village
Description Friends of the Open Data Institute
Contact Pikesley
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Activities Maybe we could run some sort of Open Data 101 sessions?
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Known attendees:

Travel to and from EMFCAMP

If we're staying in a village, it makes sense to think about travel too, especially if it's cheaper in groups.

You can get a group travel discount if travelling by train with LondonMidland. Add your name below if you're considering train travel

  • Chris Adams
  • Phillippa Morland
  • Ulrich (starting in Whitechapel, London)
  • Adam McGreggor, some time on Friday, probably afternoon.

People are bringing:

  • Elsmorian
    • 2-Man tent
    • Poles, Tarps and paracord to construct a 5m x 3m shelter!
    • EMF / OpenDataVillage Power Meters
    • Arduinos, NRF24 radios, sensors etc.
    • N64, Golderneye, Wipeout. Maybe combined with Steve's projector and a white tarp like last time for late night outdoor gaming!
    • Maybe some old hard drives to pull the magnets out of a make a generator!?
  • Pikesley
    • Gazebo
    • 4 camping chairs
    • Camping table
    • 50m extension reel
    • Some 4-ways
    • V. long ethernet cable from hacker camps past
    • Frisbee
  • Floppy
    • Soldering equipment
    • Arduino / Nanode
    • RaspberryPi + wifi dongle
  • misslake
    • powered speakers for noize
    • toffee vodka

Other stuff we should bring / buy:

  • Hard hats + tin foil
  • An ODI flag
  • The left-handed mallet
  • Robe -- @adamamyl will try to remember to pack his collection.
  • Wizard hat -- @adamamyl will try to remember to pack his collection.

Crazy ideas for stuff

because why not.

  • Create real-life representations (aka visualisations) of data
  • James wants to make a democracy hat (hard hat with LEDs colour controlled by audience feedback), but probably won't have time.