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Village: Lockpicking Village
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Description General lockpicking fun. For all ages and abilities. Come with your own locks and picks, or borrow ours!
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Activities Various classes and talks

TOOOLUK picking competition Pick making

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General lockpicking fun. For all ages and abilities.

Bring anything you want opened, the more obscure the better! Old padlocks are good. Door locks, safe locks, car locks are all good.

If you have a (small) safe or container that has no combination, or lost keys, bring it along (contact us if it is heavy, we will have vans, lifting people, etc.) It will get opened, with varying degrees of finesse! Possibly by professionals, possibly not. Safe breaking is fun either way.

We will be running various classes and talks, for all levels. Shimming padlocks, picking cylinders, combination manipulation and a few talks on higher end things. If you have any specific requests, let us know quickly!

This year, TOOOL UK is running a competition. We have eight 'challenge' locks and two 'extra challenge' locks for you to try your hand at. Will you be the fastest fingers?


Beginner's Guide To Lockpicking

Saturday 3pm

Sunday 11.30am


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