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Village: Bristol Hackspace
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Description For Bristol Hackspace and its friends and associates
Contact User:jarkman
Web Site
Activities lounging, sleeping, maybe a bit of eating, finishing the things we should have finished before we came.
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What are we bringing ?

The Giant Staring Eye should be there, watching over proceedings.

The Tune On A Stick will be somewhere on site, twirling away, but probably not actually in our village.

A musical weather station, possibly called Meteonome, will also be somewhere probably.

The Captain Haddock Machine will be helping.

Bristol Hackspace bunting, perhaps on a long pole.

Richard is bringing a 3m gazebo, some chairs, and long network and mains cables

Barney is bringing a network switch

Who's coming ?

  1. Richard Sewell & Donna
  2. Barney
  3. Libby
  4. Anton
  5. JHR
  6. Matti
  7. Steve Large
  8. Nathan & Katie
  9. Katie's friend Mark & Jo
  10. and Sam
  11. Jon
  12. Tiff
  13. David H
  14. Peter S
  15. Charlotte G, hopefully
  16. Libby's friend Jo.
  17. @fastness
  18. Sam Willcocks