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Proposed Policy

See also the Diversity Policy for what exactly we mean by "diversity" here. "Organising team" refers to the core organisers and most of the content team.

For EMF 2012 we managed to allocate a speaker slot to nearly everyone who wanted to talk, but this isn't likely to be the case in 2014. We're making our methods of speaker selection completely transparent to invite feedback and provide an example to others.

Speaker Selection Panel

Due to the necessity for the organising team to know the identities of speakers, as well as the lack of diversity within the team, the organisers will appoint a panel to carry out speaker selection. This panel will be appointed with a particular eye towards diversity, and will ideally have a fresh view of what content we expect to have.

The selection panel will be unaware of the identities of speakers during selection.


  • A call for proposals will be announced and all proposals will be collected.
  • These will then be ranked by the selection panel.
  • Once the total number of speaker slots are known, these will be allocated to the top-ranked speakers.
  • All speakers will usually be expected to pay for their own ticket.

Invited Speakers

  • To get hold of big-name speakers, it may be necessary for the organisers to approach them with an invitation. Once invited, it won't be possible to retract these invitations.
  • The total number of speakers invited in this way will be capped at 10% of the available slots.
  • Suggestions for speakers to invite will be welcomed, and this list will close on <date>. If this list is larger than the number of available slots, anonymised speaker biographies will be run through the same process as the call for proposals.
  • Speakers who aren't successful in this process will still be encouraged to submit a proposal through the main CfP system.
  • Invited speakers will not be paid, but those who aren't willing to stay for the entire event may be allocated free day tickets.


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