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Hxx lounge.jpg

The Lounge is a space thats featured heavily at previous european hacker festivals, a place for people to relax away from the activity of villages, talks and workshops.

At EMF we'll have a 144m2 tent dedicated to it. It will be furnished with a carpet, tables, lamps and beanbags to give the feeling of a cosy and relaxed atmoshpere, a little bit like a living room of friends. The Lounge team will be going all out to make it as nautical themed as possible with nets, sails, ropes and all manner of nautical themed paraphernalia.

We'll have two installations for you to play with. A RGB spherical dome masquerading as an giant octopus and a 30x30 pixel screen you can tweet at to display images.
Simply follow @emfleds on twitter. Send a message with @emfleds and a 30x30 image and it will magically appear on our pixel screen.

Whilst supported by relaxing music, the visitors of the lounge can slowly unwind; its also a place meet up and chat, without the distractions of the main festival. After a well deserved pause, the combination of so many interesting people in a small area always ensures interesting conversation topics, light discussions or brainstorms about new projects.

We'll be open 24/7 during the festival and will provide power and internet for people to use inside. So feel free to come along, take off your shoes and relax.

A space of the same ilk that was at OHM2013 (alt) and the HXX tent that was at the previous CCC Camp.


  • Obey the rules of EMF Camp
  • No shoes on the carpet