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First Aid
First Aid

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First Aid Team

Your welfare and medical needs will be looked after by the first-aid team.

The team is made up of volunteers, some Healthcare Professionals and St John ambulance first-aiders. We're geared up for most eventualities on-site, but if you have any specific questions or needs, please don't hesitate to drop by and discuss them with us.

We will be providing 24-hour cover for you.

Name User Role
Ben user:oni Team lead
Katie Shift leader
Adrian Shift leader
Richard user:pobk Shift leader
Paul user:Paul First aider
James First aider
Stephanie First aider
Andrew First aider
Michael user:Msemtd First aider
Matt First aider

Welfare and staying safe guide

Work in Progress

This is just a quick guide to staying safe at EMF. It's in no-way comprehensive, but if you're in any doubt, come and chat to one of the first-aiders or drop in to the first-aid post.

If you have any pre-existing conditions or allergies that you think we should know about, drop us an email or come visit us at the first-aid post when you're settled.


Yes, some of us like a tipple now and again, but please try to drink sensibly. Keep in mind however that alcohol dehydrates you, so to avoid the nasty hangovers, be sure to drink plenty of water.


Whether you're partaking of the delights of the bar or not, it's important to remain hydrated. Always keep a bottle of water with you. EMF will be providing clean drinking water facilities on-site so keep that water bottle topped up!


The first-aid team are not allowed to hand out any medications except for the over-the-counter variety. If you're on any medication, please make sure you bring enough with you for the duration of your stay. If this medication needs to be stored carefully, feel free to bring it to the first-aid post and we can discuss how best to keep your medication safe.

If you're an asthmatic, please don't forget to bring your inhalers and spare cartridges.

First-aid kits

While there will be a first-aid team and post on-site, you should bring some basic supplies with you... A small travel first-aid kit which includes some plasters and basic supplies will mean you can cover that blister from walking all over the place easily enough.

Sun Protection

Whether the sun is out or not, it's generally a good idea to put some sun-cream on during the summer.

It doesn't take much to get severely burned when you're out and about.


Drugs are just as illegal on-site as they are anywhere else. The message here is: don't.

That said, if you do partake and it goes wrong and need help, get yourself to the first-aid post, speak to a steward or first-aider. We're not here to judge and you won't be preached to. It will just be somewhere safe you can stay if you're having a bit of a bad time - and it's completely confidential.

Personal Hygiene

Be sure to wash your hands before food and after using the toilet to save you from those nasty bugs that frequently crop up at festivals and camping-fests.

There will be washing facilities available on-site. Feel free to make use of these and wet-wipes are also a quick and effective way to keep things clean during your stay to be sure to bring a small emergency stash!