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From IRC on 25/4/13

[15:26:21] <jontyw> I really want to have tiny screens and broadcast reception on the EMF badges next year, but I think solexious and parag0n hate me.

From IRC on 17/08/13

[17:40:54] <jontyw> EST (EMF Standard Time) is GMT+5
[17:40:57] <ms7821> half the camp wakes up at 6am, the other half at 12pm
[17:41:07] <russss> the problem is the sun on tents.
[17:41:07] <ms7821> this is enforced by badges and sirens
[17:41:08] <will-h> TZ=Europe/Berlin/Hacker

I want to code EST into the badge software now --Dpslwk (talk) 16:44, 17 August 2013 (UTC)

From IRC on 27/08/13

[11:39:15] <LWK> hmm would be nice to have a stats page with things like noc bandwidth usage, beer left, etc
11:39:52] <ms7821> and map, schedule and camp guide