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Taste our delicious food, you philistines!

Dutch treats are popular abroad

The Dutch have the luxury of consuming many delicious foodstuffs in daily life. They usually don't even notice any more how good their national products are. They're obviously spoiled beyond all repair, but they are also generous! So they will bring treats for you to taste, and if you like them, trade full packages of them for geld (financial and economical money of payable cash units). Suggested prices will be stated at the Deli. Feel free to pay in either British pounds or Euro's. Dropmunten are not accepted as valid currency.

The Dutch Deli will be located at Camp Holland

Shopping list

We will probably bring many of the following things:

  • Cookies / Pastries:
    • Gevulde koeken (plastic box)
    • Stroopwafels (plastic bag)
    • Roze koeken (plastic box)
    • Speculaasjes (plastic wrapped carton or bag)
  • Bread spreads:
    • Pindakaas (glass pot with lid, reclosable)
    • Appelstroop (carton pot with lid, reclosable)
    • Hagelslag (carton box, reclosable)
    • Chocoladevlokken (carton box, reclosable)
    • Muisjes (carton box, reclosable) - Traditionally goes with Beschuit (see below)
Any cheese ordered before Saturday 23 August will come from Kaas van Riet, who sells some of the best cheeses of The Netherlands. Choose from Jong (very mild taste and soft texture), Jong Belegen (stronger taste, comparable to mild Cheddar), Belegen (strong savoury taste, firmer cheese), Oud (old, salty, very solid cheese), Komijnenkaas (Cheese with cumin seeds, available in Jong or Belegen) or Friese Nagelkaas (very savoury hard cheese with cumin seeds and cloves).
  • Dairy:
    • Chocoladevla (carton bottle)
    • Blanke vla (carton bottle)
    • Other types of vla, assorted (carton bottle)
    • Karnemelk (carton bottle)
    • Kaas (plastic wrapped)
  • Kitchen utensils:
    • Flessenschrapers
    • Kaasschafen
Boerderijdrop ("Farm licorice")
  • Licorice
    • DropFruit duo's (plastic bag w/ ziplock)
    • Muntendrop (plastic bag)
    • Kokindjes (plastic bag)
    • Katjesdrop (plastic bag)
    • Boerderijdrop (plastic bag)
    • Spookrijders (carton box, reclosable)
Probably the most famous Dutch deepfry treat: Bitterballen
  • Deepfry stuff
    • Patat (plastic bag, frozen)
    • Kroketten (carton box, frozen)
    • Bitterballen (carton box, frozen)
    • Frikandellen (carton box, frozen)
  • Others:
    • Mayonaise (glass pot with lid)
    • Patatje joppie chips (crisps bag)
    • Bolletje Beschuit (plastic wrapped carton)
    • Schenkstroop (plastic bottle with reclosable cap)
    • Koopman's Pannenkoekmix Speciaal (carton box, reclosable)
    • Koopman's Poffertjesmix (carton box, reclosable)
    • Poedersuiker (plastic container, reclosable)

If you would like to have things added to this list, or order specific Dutch specialities, please contact BugBlue or diggie, and we'll see what we can do for you.

PROTIP: If you're not sure what any of the above is, look them up on Wikipedia. Most, if not all, should be on there...

Pledges for guarantees

If you want any guarantees that your favourite product(s) will be held available for you, please add your name below before 25 August and send an e-mail to diggie.

Name Requested product (plx include quantity)
Michael Erskine Chocoladevla (1L)
Michael Erskine Pindasaus/satesaus (500gr) AH/C1000/any other vegetarian
Michael Erskine Stroopwafels (2x 12stuk?)
Michael Erskine Flessenschraper (x1)
Michael Erskine Elk merk vegetarische zoute drop (400gr?)
(your name here) (your request here)

(-- OLD --) Dutch Shopping List for the British (and Germanz NOC)

VLA (some boxes. different flavours)
Stroopwafels (some boxes)
Kruidnoten (pepernoten) (A lot) It's not the right season for these. Please come back in December!
Appelstroop (WTF!?!?) -- see http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appelstroop --Msemtd (talk) 11:40, 21 August 2014 (UTC)
Speculaas (some boxes)
Pindakaas (the real stuff)
Speculoos (not ordered, but we like to give)
Hagelslag (why?)

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