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The biggest issue for EMF is to find a good site.

Organisation of this has moved to trello, if you'd like to help ask in the IRC channel and we'll get you access. At the moment we're emailing sites, getting quotes and arranging site-visits.

Note this list is not being actively maintained; the canonical list is maintained on trello, please refer to that


  1. Site
    1. At least 50,000 sq m (this should fit at least 1500 people but this isn't indicative of our planned capacity)
    2. Available for around 11 days (including a weekend) between mid-July and mid-September 2014
    3. Pleasant enough you actually want to spend time there
    4. Previous event history at site
  2. Access and Location
    1. Good access for setup vehicles (no low bridges, for example)
    2. Good transport links (proximity to public transport)
    3. Located centrally to the UK
    4. Near largish shops (e.g. large Tesco)
  3. Facilities
    1. Ability to get a good internet connection (1 gigabit+) (but please let us know of any potential sites - NOC team can work this out)
    2. Some kind of water supply/sewage connection
    3. Well drained
    4. Space for parking

We don't care about:

  • Most existing facilities (especially electricity). Providing them ourselves is frequently easier than trying to deal with existing services, so they're not a major consideration.

Site Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for a site, drop us an email on, tweet at us, or just leave it here.

Candidate Sites

We're now managing candidate sites in Trello. Please contact Russ (talk) if you want to help out with this process!