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This is a copy of the standard email we're using to contact prospective sites. Each site is being liaised with by a single person to keep things clear

If you contact a site please update the trello board so we know what's going on. If you don't have access to the board please ask.

The Email

Dear <site owner name>,

I'm writing to enquire about availability of your site to run an event in summer 2014. I'm one of the organisers of Electromagnetic Field - a greenfield camping technology festival. We ran a very successful event in 2012 and we're now looking for sites for our next event.

We're planning a licensed 3-day weekend event between July and September 2014 (plus around two weeks for setup and teardown), with space for up to 1,500 attendees to camp plus parking.

If this is something you'd be interested in hosting we'd love to hear back from you and arrange a site visit.

If you have any questions regarding our inquiry, don't hesitate to mail back or call me on <your number>.


<your name>