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Key Contact: Clare Greenhalgh/Noko




  • Find the caters for the event
  • Find bar staff for the event
  • Make sure that the staff working with food have all passed the food safety award level 2

Food Safety Qualifications:


Current Vendors

We have booked from Thursday afternoon - ready to supply us hungry people who will be setting up there :D

We also have who will be able to veggie and vegan food too. I am going to email them to see when they would like to arrive today.

Vendor Suggestions

If you have suggestions for vendors please email me

I have emailed Luardos to find out if they can or not.

CaterFest claim they are too stretched that weekend already.

Emailed pura vida and am wating for a response. They are fully booked and sadly cannot be with us.

Spoken to and emailed Chilli gone Barmy. He was not in and will get back to me as soon as he has his diary to hand. Sadly they are not able to make it as they are already booked that weekend.

Campaccino are going to be in Cornwall until the 5th Spetember.

Emailed Traditional Catering Specialists to see if they are interested. We are too small

Chameleon Catering are 95% sure that they will be able to work with us for the weekend but will get back to me on the morning of the 3rd July to confirm.

Emailed Five Star catering to see if they can make the dates. They replied to say they do not do events with less than 1,000 people, so no

Have spoken to Burgers-U-Like and they will be able to come to the event and cater. I am going to send them an email tonight and confirm this that way. They know they are not paying rent (the call was rushed) so I will mention about the prices they charge reflecting that in the email to them).

I have emailed Spit Roasters to see if they are available for the weekend. Fingers crossed!

I have emailed Jumping Bean Burrito and am waiting for a response. Thanks Hunter, Russ and Fena for the recommendation. They are already booked so will not be able to make it

For coffee I have also emailed and am waiting for them to get back to me.

I have emailed to see if they can come (we do need a veggie/vegan food stand, and I love falafel!)

I have emailed to see if they can do the veggis/vegan food stand too. The answer is no as they will not be the only caterers there!

Just emailed Much ado (who are located very close to EMF in Bucks) and do coffee, tea, hot chocolate and nibbles and I am hoping for a good response.

Hunter has contacted Ristretto via email about coffee vending. Thanks to Square Mile Roasters for the recommendation.

Hunter has contacted Transition Espresso via email about coffee vending. Thanks to Has Bean for the recommendation. Transition can't do it because the event is too small for them to take a risk. Kate Tawil may get back to me with other coffee vendor suggestions.

Hunter has contacted the barista via email about coffee vending.

Hunter has contacted Monkshood Coffee via email about coffee vending.

If we are going to do a smaller catering event then there are some highly recommended oil drum bbqs from Wickes. or from Homebase these two (the cheaper one had some really bad reviews including two that said it fell apart!) or

For charcoal I think this looks like the best supplier and we just need to decide how many bbqs we have as they actually give the burning time for the blocks there too.

Non-food vendor suggestions

Rob at Flying Wings is local and may be interested if there's much going on with UAVs.

Non food and drink contacted


  • This vendor is a standard burger-tea-baconbutty van. However, they're local, reasonably priced and I've often bought food from them. (artag)
They will expect to pay rent, so ideally ask them to quote food prices on the assumption we won't charge them
Doubtless there are more awesome burger or veggie people, but they may not want to travel so far.
I've only asked for contact details so far - it was before dates were finalised.
June Beldom, Out2Lunch Catering, Greenhouses, Greenfield Road, Westoning MK455JD
01525714311 / 07831137917

I happen to be in touch with a group of people who run food stalls out of converted VW camper vans:

Coffee: Mexican:

They'll know others, too. Tell them Antonio from Festeaval sent you.

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