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We will be providing mains power to most parts of the site including camping tents. The voltage will be 230VAC (+10%−6%) RMS at 50Hz. This comes from a on-site generator, diesel is expensive so please be conscious of what you connect.


There will be Dataenklos (Data Toilet) placed around the field. These contain the power and networking gear. We will be providing standard UK 13A sockets (BS 1363). There will be some 16A single phase IEC60309 sockets available. All sockets will be covered by a 30mA RCD that are tested before the event. It is optional if you bring a extension lead with a RCD, the fault may still trip our RCD.

We recommend a 24m extension lead.

There could be up to 40 people connected to each DK. We ask you to keep to a maximum of 150w of load. Connecting equipment that consumes lots of power it lightly to cause you and your neighbour's power to trip. When leaving you tent please unplug any devices to reduce the risk of a fire.

If you are coming from abroad we recommend that use a UK extension lead then use a convector in your tent as UK regulation states that the cable has to contain a earth.

If you have additional power requirements, please give us a shout on irc or ?email?.


There will be power provided at the bar, talks tents, hack tent. This will consist of blocks of 13A sockets. It may be wise bringing some 4 way gang adaptors as we might run out of spare sockets.

Team Power






If you would like to help out give us a shout.

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