EMF2012 Video

From Electromagnetic Field

Here are the videos of the talks from EMF2012

All the videos are 720x576 (DV PAL) and are available in their high res versions below. Talks will be uploaded to Vimeo when time permits.


Talk Name Speaker H.264/AAC Theora/Vorbis
Opening Ceremony EMF Staff m4v ogv
Mechanical Turning Machine Jim MacArthur m4v ogv
Drones and Quadcopters Universal Air m4v ogv
Communal Sensor Networks, A review of global DIY environmental monitoring activities Martin Dittus m4v ogv
Mapping internal body parts in 3D using lasers Ben Blundell m4v ogv
Fundamentals of web application security & security testing Tom Doran m4v ogv
The demo scene: the biggest digital art movement you've never heard of Matthew Westcott m4v ogv
How a group of computer scientists formed a biohacking group Biohackers m4v ogg
DIY Decibel Loggers for Heathrow Matthias Stevens m4v ogv
This Pilsner Tastes of Doom Metal – Music Recommender Systems and Beer Ben Fields m4v ogv
Denial of Surface, Finding Industrial System devices with SHODAN Eireann Leverett (combined with previous video) ogg
Hexayurt: Free hardware housing for the world Al Razi Masri m4v ogv
Engineering tomorrow's healthcare, synthetic tissue generation Suwan Jayasinghe m4v ogv
Particle Physics beyond the LHC Sam Lindenrathen m4v ogv
The Deeper Meaning Of LOLCats: Learnings From The Academic Study Of The Internet's Favorite Meme Kate Miltner m4v ogv
What changes to the UK Communications Bill mean for you Aimee Maree Forsstrom m4v ogv
Minemu: Protecting buggy binaries from memory corruption attacks Erik Bosman m4v ogv
SuperCollider Lea Nicholson m4v ogv
Key Impressioning Jos Weyers m4v ogv
Cyborgs, wearable, implantable, and mobile personal technology Alexandra Glowaski m4v ogv
EMF Retrospective, how can it be better EMF Team m4v ogv
The 55th Flotilla - TiLDA badge synced nautical rave up. Toby Cole m4v ogv
Closing Ceremony EMF Team m4v ogv
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