Electromagnetic Field 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will return as scheduled in summer 2022.

All ticketholders will be eligible for a full refund and a guaranteed ticket to our next event. For more information, please see our blog post.

Good Village Guide

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Information Coordination

Make a page on the wiki and ensure it is in the villages category using this tag at the bottom:


Please note that having a wiki page doesn't guarantee you a space - be sure to register on the website to be included in our mapping.

What should we bring?

Cooking Equipment & Food

While EMF provides a great set of food vendors, it may be easier or cheaper for you to get together and cook. Some villages cook for upwards of 100 people each meal, but there’s no reason it can’t just be 5 people. Think about the things you’ll need - a stove, pots & pans, plates/bowls, cutlery and food. We’d really appreciate it if you brought reusable plates and cutlery, and low-packaging food. This helps reduce our waste footprint and helps the environment.

Learn more about onsite food here

Public/Shared Area

You will want somewhere to work together, to show off your toys, to run workshops and more. What you’ll need is a ‘village square’. This can be a few tables and chairs, all the way up to a geodesic dome!

With the unreliability of British weather, we recommend that this area is covered - it can get really sunny and really wet at our site. We’d rather neither you were sunburned nor your laptop flooded.

The village team would really appreciate it if you planned this ahead of the event and could tell us the area in m2, so we can layout the site and get you the best location possible!

EMF are happy for you to bring your own tents and furniture for being social in and cooking in, but you can also rent them for us for the event. We ask that you remove all tents and furniture that you’ve brought at the end of the event - it’s not fair on our volunteers to have to tidy them up, and it’s also bad for the environment.

What makes a good neighbour?

A good neighbour works with those around them so everyone has the best possible event. This includes understanding the area you are camping in and compromising with those nearby! We have both quiet and noisy camping areas. If you intend to have friends over working, partying and enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours, we’d ask that you place yourself in the noisy area.

It’s great if you can share with your neighbours too - maybe you want to group 3-4 villages together into a common theme, and share resources. This could be cooking, hardware or other items. You can get in touch with your neighbours ahead of the event and see if they want to do anything with you - it could be a shared event, or helping with their cooking in exchange for food!

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