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Amateur Radio Antennas

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This page contains thoughts about what we should do in 2020 for antennas in the EMF Hams amateur radio village. In 2018 we struggled with the mixture of a noisy site and being in a valley so operations were largely confined to the site itself, or needed us to walk up the hill!

Remote setup

We'd like to set up a remote controlled radio and antenna at the cottage on the west of the site (approx map) rather than at the village itself.

This would need permission for:

  1. A vertical HF antenna for a couple of bands (e.g. 20/40m), needs a fairly flat 5-10m clearing
  2. Space for a rig and RPi in a dry location with power and network

If space allows then perhaps also room for a small wideband antenna to run a WebSDR server - perhaps others around camp will find this useful?

Connecting it

  • hamlib + rigctld for remote control running on a RPi, run it over SSH for auth
  • grig client, fldigi etc to control the rig
  • Stream audio over the network - via pulseaudio, SIP or something
  • Perhaps make a live broadcast available through SIP to the phone network so people can listen in