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Bringing 4x4 car, wheelchair (prob), various construction tools (hand & power)
Arrival 2018/08/30 16:00
Departure 2018/09/03 10:15
Email [[email::[email address removed]| ]][mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]
IRC AlisonW
Twitter @AlisonW
Facebook AlisonWheeler
Democracy, Electronics, Lockpicking, Music, Open Source Software, Radio

AlisonW is Alison Wheeler from London & Hertfordshire, but is usually just known by the abbreviated form. She'll be in her tent with its self-built 'squaredrop' wooden bedroom and happy to talk about designing and building it to anyone who has a passing interest - *if* she actually turns up (which is currently a bit debatable)

I haven't really thought too much about villages, but Embassy of Nowhere sounds interesting and, as I also live in the middle of nowhere half the month, maybe appropriate too.