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All EMF websites, ticket sales, volunteering, and Call for Participation systems.
Lead(s) ms7821
Deputy SamLR
This team needs volunteers


We're responsible for the main website as well as all the various other bits that fit with it, such as the wiki, map, volunteer system and badge backend. We provide operational support before and during the event to ensure people can use these as seamlessly as possible.


Currently there're only a few of us and we mostly organise via Github and IRC . We welcome help from both experienced people and anyone who wants to learn more, and it's easy for us to slice out some small self-contained bits if you're not sure about diving straight in. Our amount of free time and ability to make changes drops as the event approaches, so come talk to us!

Team members

MscroggsMatt Scroggs28 August 2018 11:30:003 September 2018 18:00:00
RussRuss23 August 2018 19:00:006 September 2018 12:00:00

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We need help with

  • Our new volunteering system
  • The schedule viewer
  • A nice HTML5 mobile app for the event!
  • Something to help manage villages

Current State

We have two major projects and some minor ones at the moment:

Major jobs

  • Volunteering: after wrangling with CCC's Engelsystem last year, we've decided to rewrite it in RustPython. This involves capturing a small amount of extra information from volunteers, co-ordinating shifts and reminding people when they're needed.
  • Web app: on the back-burner for a long time, we're building a PWA that brings volunteer shifts, talk schedules and event-wide notices into a single app that works on any modern browser.

Minor jobs

  • Something to help the villages that are hosting workshops
  • Automated deployment for our services (Puppet)
  • Pentesting and security review for our new volunteer system
  • Replacing our mailing list provider (this doesn't need to be done before the 2018 event)

Technologies used

Currently we use mostly Python and value readability, so let us know if you find stuff that's obscure or scary.

  • Flask framework & SQLAlchemy
  • PostgreSQL (even for mediawiki)
  • Bootstrap3 and jQuery
  • Pulp (linear programming for scheduling)
  • PostGIS, tilestache & Leaflet.js
  • Prometheus & Grafana

Services we're already responsible for

  • Ticketing and arrivals
  • Selling merchandise like t-shirts
  • Call for Participation, talk review system and scheduling
  • Authentication for separate systems (previously Engelsystem and the badge API)
  • Wiki, badge wiki and archived wikis
  • Map/tile server
  • Monitoring for the above services