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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Bringing" with value "TBA". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • User:Meurig  + (smiles :))
  • User:Molive  + (SNES)
  • User:Recantha  + (Soldering iron, solder, USB battery packs, â€Ļ Soldering iron, solder, USB battery packs, stuff to hack a robot with (including newly cut cardboard chassis!). Also, portable HDMI screen-in-a-box, several Raspberry Pis and SD cards... Basically, I've gone through my Shed and grabbed a load of stuff that I'll more than likely not use all weekend! :-D more than likely not use all weekend! :-D)
  • User:Maltman23  + (Soldering Tools, lots of cool kits, AC power cords, lamps)
  • User:Alistair  + (Some of the village (chairs, gazebos, tables, LED lighting, bunting). The PDT (Power Distribution Tent). A LoRaWAN station. Emergency chocolate.)
  • User:Mike  + (Some power cables, some SDR stuff, whatever's left in my bag after SHA, people from Yorkshire, some from London, a distrust of authority, and maybe some teabags.)
  • User:SimonFairbourn  + (Some radio kit - portable SOTA set-up.)
  • User:Anus  + (Some random parts and ideas.)
  • User:Fellmoon  + (Some Tools, see the milliways/emf-tools pad)
  • User:Jthomascoop  + (So much stuff)
  • User:Mellchie  + (Spider silk talk)
  • User:Shadow  + (Spraypaint, Mead,...)
  • User:Coldridj  + (Stardome. Lighting. 16A cabling. Fridge. Board games. Various installations.)
  • User:Skybound  + (Stuff)
  • User:Xer0rex  + (Stuff, and also things)
  • User:CannonFodder  + (Stuff lots of stuff)
  • User:Huggzorx  + (Stuff that glows, mead, drinking horn for the mead, assorted cables, soldering iron, Steve, frickin' laser beams)
  • User:Piemonkey  + (Stuff Things)
  • User:Ampii  + (Sunscreen)
  • User:Kliment  + (Surface mount soldering stuff)
  • User:Hawk  + (Sushi Go Party, Azul, The Mind, maybe some others.)
  • User:Hirez  + (Swearyclock, rainbow unicorn, a box of LEDs. Probably.)
  • User:Msil  + (Synthesizers, Minirig + Sub, 12-port switch, mic + mixer, Illuminati Card Game, MtG cards, Howly stuff)
  • User:MikeBookham  + (T25 Syncro campervan with awning. Work Light (2430 Lumens). DECT handset.)
  • User:Lonney  + (Table, gas stove, cooking utensils, bug spray, sanitiser)