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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Bringing" with value "Electronic stuff like LED band, Ardoinos, etc..". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • User:Bboortz  + (Electronic stuff like LED band, Ardoinos, etc..)
  • User:Shokinn  + (Electronic stuff like Transceivers, Ardoinos, ESPs, racing drone etc..)
  • User:Timb  + (@emfctf, @portcullislabs)
  • User:Chrisstubbs  + (EMF Roamer, enough HAB stuff for one or two launches.)
  • User:M0LTS  + (@emfweather weather station, LED lighting for mast, ex-army fluoro kit for Coleman event shelter and gazebos.)
  • User:Kiraarghy  + (Enthusiasm, possibly food, tents, raygun?)
  • User:BugBlue  + (European flags)
  • User:Pa3weg  + (extension cords with Dutch SchuKo and CEE single phase (caravan plugs), camera and Digital Amateur Television (DATV) encoder, portable satellite station. Random radio bits and bobs)
  • User:Hana  + (Face paints 🎨)
  • User:Harrym  + (Family)
  • User:Jabley  + (Family)
  • User:Doismellburning  + (Fire)
  • User:Akw  + (fire, projector + screen, coffee machine, lights, tools, gazebo, 4 x chairs, table, gas bbq, speakers + amp, long power extension)
  • User:Cyplo  + (first aid kit, 25m 16A power cordage, tools)
  • User:JarkW  + (Flapjack (vegan and salt-free versions))
  • User:Baensolo  + (Food and drink, Dice (maybe for some D&D?), Bang!, maybe some other games (depends on the suitcase size))
  • User:Dirkx  + (from a country far far away)
  • User:Nigelw  + (FT817, mains psu, data interface & laptop. Can bring other stuff if needed.)
  • User:Pinoaffe  + (Gas stove with 2 burners Synth PCB's)
  • User:Jarkman  + (Gazebo, event shelter, inflatables, World'O'techno, Tune On A Stick, spork workshop)
  • User:Clarisinda  + (Gazebo, much bunting, probably some flags, pancake making equipment and ingredients, and various musical instruments.)
  • User:Philcrump  + (Gazebo, Network cabling, binbags, Stove & Kettle, Tea, coffee, milk, mini-fridges, UKHASnet Gateway & Sensors & parts, ssdv hab payload (semi-assembled), soldering iron, tools, power supply.)
  • User:TronaldDump  + (Gazebo, random electronics parts, too many ultrabright lights, drink.)
  • User:Gaselec  + (Gazebo. Red Carpet. Ambassadors party clothes. Power distribution and splitters. Postman (PAT) Variety of electronics for disposal to discerning homes.)
  • User:Deanusjack  + (Gear.)
  • User:AndrewPatience  + (Geodesic Dome, Flag Pole.)