EMF Wolf from Space

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Emfcamp Wolf from Space

Many Many thanks to everyone that joined the image effort. This was amazing and could not have been better. We will have to see if the wolf head comes out in the image and all our howling was probably enough to be heard from space as well. If it ends up looking like a dolphin or sock puppet does not matter for all the fun we had!


Through amazing favours and goodwill it has been arranged that 5 satelites are going to cover the campsite at 10.30 am on Sunday - Please do arrive early though to help get in position for the pass .

These satellites will take multiple pictures of the camp with multi spectral imaging and the latest technology.

We have the opportunity to make images on the ground that are thus seen from space.

We propose getting as many people together as we can to form the shape of a howling wolf to be captured thus and seen from space.

Why wolf? Can’t we have a giant penis? )’(

World record, spread the word

Be part of history as this might be the world's first wolf satelite photo. If we can get more than 830 people there at once then it would also count as a world record.. and once in position everyone can make a howl that perhaps might also be heard from space!

This is something for all attendees at EMF Camp. You don't have to howl but it is fun to do so. It will take 10 minutes if your time on Sunday and you can then show your friends the photo you were in forever.

So please put in your diary 10:30am on Sunday morning. Location is the entrance to Null Sector container village.

Fact check: https://www.quora.com/unanswered/What-is-the-Guiness-World-Record-for-the-most-amount-of-people-forming-a-shape-photographed-by-a-satellite - what is the actual number?


Hello, random guy here, I have a very small drone ( DJI spark ) which I can use to assist in arranging the group safely, bigger drones may be unsafe. Can I suggest that we should arrive for 10 as the satellites come over at 10:30 and a giant group of people needs time to arrange in my opinion.

-Hi yes great idea :-)