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Holistic Howlers

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Description Holistic Howling is a group based howling practice, encouraging safe, non-verbal communication through Howl Circles
Activities Howling, Wolf Stuff
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Relevant interests
Anarchism, Art, Music, Open Source Software, Photography, Role-Playing Games
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"Holistic Howling is a group based howling practice, encouraging safe, non-verbal communication through Howl Circles. Circles are formed ad-hoc at festivals and events, and through a friendly group using the WhatsApp smartphone app. It's completely free, and good for the soul."

We will be running scheduled and impromptu howling workshops during EMF at our village and at various locations over the site.


Each of the following workshops will run every day at the Holistic Howlers village:

(Sometime in the AM) - Morning Call to Howls

Start your day right! Drop by for some coffee, stay for the howls. Science has proven that the first howl of the day is by far the most important

13:37 - Advanced elite howling

One for the pros (or beginners really). Try and arrive 10 minutes early to give yourself some time to get to know the other howlers. We will start howling properly at precisely 13:37 and will continue until we stop.

23:23 - Late nite disco howls

The last workshop of the day will begin just as things start to get weird. Bring down your golden apples and confused friends.

00:23 - Currency burning 101

For some it's the ultimate sacrifice, other just don't give a f*. No previous experience necessary. We'll have fire, just bring some notes.

Sunday 2nd 10:30 - Wolf from space

We are planning to put a wolf in space (Or recorded from space).. this might be the world's first satellite image of a wolf from space.. read more at EMF Wolf from Space and put 10.30 on Sunday in your diary!