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|Day 2
|Day 2
|Cidre Flows Session II.
||[https://foodhackingbase.org/wiki/Fhb_cidre_flows_emf2018 Cidre Cidre Flows Session II.]
|tasting (UK focused)
|tasting (UK focused)

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Description Friendly open hub for food, drink and bio interested hackers.
Contact [[Contact::[email address removed]|]][email address removed]
Website foodhackingbase.org
Activities Food, drink and bio related workshops, tastings, experimetns etc.
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Relevant interests
Chinese food, Tea
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Food Hacking Base (fhb) is here again, this time in a rather minimal size but still you are welcome to pop in! We will do some workshops, tastings and hang around as we usually do. Be excellent to each other is our approach. This time we are not bringing kitchen hoping to misuse sometimes the Belgium village one but we will have very limited access. Tasting events are preferred this time because of the minimalistic set up.

Extra Info

For extra info on some events please visit our fhb wiki here.

List of all FHB Events

Scroll down, the events, times and organizers might still change.

Day Starting Time/Calendar Event name Event type Duration Max number of participants (sign in) Place Funding Coordinator
Day 1 20:00 Cheese Rendezvous Session I. tasting 120 20-25 FHB donation at your will Daan
Day 1 22:00 Cidre Flows Session I. (France focused) Cidre Flows Session I. (France focused)] tasting 120 20 FHB donation at your will Algoldor
Day 2 14:00 Kefir Making workshop 120 15-20 FHB donation at your will Algoldor
Day 2 20:00 Cheese Rendezvous Session II. tasting 120 20-25 FHB donation at your will Algoldor
Day 2 22:00 Cidre Cidre Flows Session II. tasting (UK focused) 120 20 FHB donation at your will Algoldor