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Description "The Dutch" - You're welcome to visit :)
Contact [[Contact::[email address removed]|]][email address removed]
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  • Outdoor hackcenter
  • Smoke
  • Entertainment

What we'll bring

  • Flags of every EU 27 country and wales as we are very nearby some good friends :)
  • The colour orange <-- It's a nice colour.
  • NO BORDERS (this time, the last time was a good joke)
  • Smoke machines

What we might bring

  • Things you can buy in the UK
  • Non-silence
  • Pulse-Jets to revive the V1 sound (looking for options to fly them in).
  • Bad jokes about brexit
  • Good jokes about brexit

What we will not bring

  • A giant windmill
  • Wooden shoes

Probably lots of lights, soldering, food.


Subscribe yourself here: Whatsapp group available

💸 💰 💵 Financial Organization

We're going to rent the following:

  • chairs,
  • tables,
  • small tent (food storage / practicalities)

Next we'll organize some community drinks / food daily. This might included stealingborrowing a BBQ/grill/pans/tools/.... from some village.

This time we'll do everything in advance. Therefore please wire 25 euro or more to NL12 BUNQ 2205 9383 47 (please verify this with your friends :)). This account is owned by BugBlue. If you want access to this account for various reasons please inform someone with access and reasons while letting them know where to leave a zebra-head in case of abuse.

Sweet memories 2016

Movie: "Trolled the entirety of EMFCamp (TM)" - Matt and Tom

Campholland2016 1.jpg Campholland2016 2.jpg