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Carve your design into stone and then cast your design in pewter.

Create a key ring, a pendant, charm or just a trinket. You don’t need to be an accomplished artist to get fantastic results and often the simplest designs work the best.

Bring along a design between 15 and 20mm in diameter (it doesn't have to be round) and transfer it onto the soft chalk like limestone. Be creative, perhaps a dire wolf or a cherub but remember you need to flip your image as you'll be working in reverse and in relief! Carefully carve away the stone testing your design by taking a salt dough impressions before finally casting it in pewter. Still not happy then carve a little more and try again until it's just right.   Each attendee will get their own set of tools and will be given tuition on which designs work best and the technics required to produce great results. If you have time you’re welcome to carve more then one design.   This course is suitable for ages 10 upwards and any ability. You will need to be able to hold a pencil sized sharp tool to carve the stone and it can be a little dusty at times. Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Booking is via Eventbright and run on

Saturday 10am until 1pm Sunday 10am until 1pm