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(Created page with "{{Attendee |Name=Tim Brown |Bringing=@emfctf, @portcullislabs |Arrival=2018/08/30 12:00 |Departure=2018/09/01 16:00 |Website=https://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/ |Email=emfcamp@m...")
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|Name=Tim Brown
|Name=Tim Brown
|Village=Village:Team Alpaca
|Bringing=@emfctf, @portcullislabs
|Bringing=@emfctf, @portcullislabs
|Arrival=2018/08/30 12:00
|Arrival=2018/08/30 12:00

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Tim Brown
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Village Team Alpaca
Bringing @emfctf, @portcullislabs
Arrival 2018/08/30 12:00
Departure 2018/09/01 16:00
Website www.nth-dimension.org.uk
Email [[email::[email address removed]| ]][mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]
Twitter @timb_machine