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Jon Wood

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Village Board Gamers
Bringing Myself, a laptop, several Raspberry Pis, and whatever random IoT kit we're testing at work that week, and an assortment of board games.
Arrival 2018/08/30 17:00
Departure 2018/08/26 16:00
Email [[email::[email address removed]| ]][mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]
IRC jonwood
Twitter @JellybobUK
InfoDesk, Volunteering
Badge, Board Games, Democracy, Games, IoT, Open Source Software, Tea

At work, technical lead for IoT at Neos Insurance, where my team takes a selection of internet connected devices and Raspberry Pis, and uses them to make your insurance better/cheaper. Outside of work I have a four year old son who I've managed to indoctrinate with a love of Mario, Minecraft, and all things gaming, so I spend quite a bit of time doing that. I also enjoy good beer, and the odd bit of hackery when I get the chance.