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Village SHM
Bringing Coffee, lockpicks, DECT handset, network switch, CAT6, tools
Arrival 2018/08/30 16:00
Departure 2018/09/03 12:00
Email [[email::[email address removed]| ]][mailto:[email address removed] [email address removed]]
Twitter @inversesandwich
Coffee, Electronics, Games, Lockpicking, Open Source Software, Python, Radio, Raspberry Pi, Robotics

This is my second EMF that I've attended, so I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

How to find me

You can find me at the SHM village, or give me a call on extension 4687.


I will be bringing a lockpick set so if you are a beginner and want to learn to defeat locks, feel free to get hold of me ([mailto:[email address removed] email] or DECT) - preferably in the evening as I'll most likely be attending talks during the day.