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People who have extra tickets to dispose of

  • User:mcorrera One Full Camp Ticket at €155.00 and Two Under -18 Tickets at €60.00 for sale. DM me on Twitter at @mcorrera if you want them.

People who are looking for a ticket

  • User:Dusty I am looking for a ticket for the whole event please. Contact me on Twitter: @dustySTS or email: [email address removed] Thank you so much!
  • User:stefek99 +44 758 629 4279 - Thursday 30th August evening update - still pinging people on Twitter, me @MichalStefanow
  • User:Vince31
  • User:alias Looking for a ticket for the whole event to get a crew member there to help make a cyberpunk film at the event. Plz poke me on twitter @alteralias