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|  Picture =
|  Picture =
|  name = Logistics
|  name = Logistics
|  desc = Logistics
|  desc = Getting things to the right place on site at the right time
|  lead = Jmac
|  lead = Jmac
|  email = [email address removed]
|  email = [email address removed]

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Logistics involves getting physical things to the site, directing drivers to drop things in the right place on the site, directing visiting vehicles during the event, and organising collection and delivery of things away from the site after the festival.

Jobs logistics covered in 2016 included:

  • "Last mile" organisation of items ordered by other teams - e.g. directing lorry drivers to the site
  • Organising delivery of NOC and other equipment to a storage unit near the site before buildup
  • Organising delivery of that equipment to site
  • Scheduling of delivery and collection of equipment (so the volunteer kitchen doesn't turn up before there's a tent to put it in)
  • Marking out tent locations with chalk paint on the site and acting as main point of contact for tent contractors
  • Directing sanitary trucks to empty IBCs and portaloos during the event
  • Counting bulk items such as chairs, tables, and fire extinguishers off vehicles on delivery
  • Ordering small sundry items such as gloves, tapes, marker pens and whiteboards
  • Ordering specialist equipment required by installations such as propane and propane accessories

The work involved is a split between:

  • Walking/driving around site pointing at things and talking to people.
  • Answering the phone and ordering things with a laptop.

We need one or two volunteers to help with either of the above. Logistics is good for anyone who wants a "desk job" during setup or teardown. The job does not involve any lifting or carrying. Good spoken English would be an advantage. It may involve some early starts - being able to answer the phone from 7 AM during setup and teardown is important.

Getting things to the right place on site at the right time
Lead(s) [[Jmac|]]
This team needs volunteers

Team members

JmacJim MacArthur27 August 20186 September 2018
Will-hWill Hargrave31 August 201631 August 2020

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