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Parameters [

The maximum number of results to return

The offset of the first result

Show values as links

Display the headers/property names

The label to give to the main page name

The text to display before the query results, if there are any

The text to display after the query results, if there are any

Text for continuing the search

The text to display if there are no query results

Additional annotated data are to be copied during the parsing of a subject

The separator between the properties of a result entry

The separator between the values for a property of a result

The name of a template with which to display the printouts
named args:

Name the arguments passed to the template

A value passed into each template call, if a template is used

An additional CSS class to set for the list

The name of a template to display before the query results, if there are any

The name of a template to display after the query results, if there are any

The separator between results
Sort options
Add sorting condition
The part "INVALID%TITLE" of the query was not understood. Results might not be as expected.

Village: Village:London Hackspace (VillageName: London Hackspace), Village: Village:Maidstone Hackspace (VillageName: Maidstone Hackspace), Village: Village:Maths Village (VillageName: Maths Village), Village: Village:MEGA (VillageName: MEGA), Village: Village:Mega Pi Noon (VillageName: Mega Pi Noon), Village: Village:Milliways (VillageName: Milliways), Village: Village:MiscHaufen (VillageName: MiscHaufen), Village: Village:MK Makerspace (VillageName: MK Makerspace), Village: Village:Moose (VillageName: Moose), Village: Village:Motley Crew (VillageName: Motley Crew), Village: Village:Newbury and District Hackspace (VillageName: Newbury and District Hackspace), Village: Village:Nexmo & Friends (VillageName: Nexmo & Friends), Village: Village:NorthSouth (VillageName: NorthSouth), Village: Village:North-West Tenting (VillageName: North-West Tenting), Village: Village:Nottinghack (VillageName: Nottinghack), Village: Village:ObscureCon (VillageName: ObscureCon), Village: Village:Octogenarians (VillageName: Octogenarians), Village: Village:olicon (VillageName: olicon), Village: Village:Opendigitalradio (VillageName: Opendigitalradio), Village: Village:Owl City (VillageName: Owl City), Village: Village:Oxhack (VillageName: Oxhack), Village: Village:POC (VillageName: POC), Village: Village:POTS Sub-exchange (VillageName: POTS Sub-exchange), Village: Village:Puzzlers (VillageName: Puzzlers), Village: Village:Quantum Technology Club (VillageName: Quantum Technology Club), Village: Village:r4nger5 (VillageName: r4nger5), Village: Village:r4nger5 Villiage (VillageName: r4nger5 Villiage), Village: Village:Room 11 - The rabbit hole (VillageName: Room 11 - The rabbit hole), Village: Village:Sai's Tent (VillageName: Sai's Tent), Village: Village:Scottish Consulate (VillageName: Scottish Consulate), Village: Village:Serendipity Camp (VillageName: Serendipity Camp), Village: Village:SeriousCamp (VillageName: SeriousCamp), Village: Village:ShedDC™ (VillageName: ShedDC™), Village: Village:Sheffield Hackspace (VillageName: Sheffield Hackspace), Village: Village:SHM (VillageName: SHM), Village: Village:South London Makerspace (VillageName: South London Makerspace), Village: Village:Swan'); DROP TABLE Villages; -- (VillageName: Swan'); DROP TABLE Villages; --), Village: Village:Swansea Hackspace (VillageName: Swansea Hackspace), Village: Village:Swiss Village (VillageName: Swiss Village), Village: Village:Team Alpaca (VillageName: Team Alpaca), Village: Village:Team Dogsbody (VillageName: Team Dogsbody), Village: Village:TermiTown (VillageName: TermiTown), Village: Village:Test village please ignore (VillageName: Test village please ignore), Village: Village:The Disorganisation (VillageName: The Disorganisation), Village: Village:The Hacking Hamlet (VillageName: The Hacking Hamlet), Village: Village:The Northern Quarter (VillageName: The Northern Quarter), Village: Village:The Osso Family Village (VillageName: The Osso Family Village), Village: Village:The Planeswalker's Guild (VillageName: The Planeswalker's Guild), Village: Village:Threat-centric (VillageName: Threat-centric), Village: Village:Tree Stump Village (VillageName: Tree Stump Village)