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Village: Village:Amateur Radio (VillageName: Amateur Radio), Village: Village:AMSAT (VillageName: AMSAT), Village: Village:Belgian Embassy (VillageName: Belgian Embassy), Village: Village:BmOP (VillageName: BmOP), Village: Village:Board Gamers (VillageName: Board Gamers), Village: Village:Bristol Hackspace (VillageName: Bristol Hackspace), Village: Village:C3VOC (VillageName: C3VOC), Village: Village:Cambridge Makespace (VillageName: Cambridge Makespace), Village: Village:CampHolland (VillageName: CampHolland), Village: Village:Camp Postal (VillageName: Camp Postal), Village: Village:ChaosWest (VillageName: ChaosWest), Village: Village:Cheltenham Hackspace (VillageName: Cheltenham Hackspace), Village: Village:codebar (VillageName: codebar), Village: Village:CoTech (VillageName: CoTech), Village: Village:CU Spaceflight (VillageName: CU Spaceflight), Village: Village:Cyber Vikings (VillageName: Cyber Vikings), Village: Village:DuckAndPals (VillageName: DuckAndPals), Village: Village:ECS (VillageName: ECS), Village: Village:Edinburgh Hacklab (VillageName: Edinburgh Hacklab), Village: Village:Embassy of Nowhere (VillageName: Embassy of Nowhere), Village: Village:EMF-IX (VillageName: EMF-IX), Village: Village:Enter-TENT-ment (VillageName: Enter-TENT-ment), Village: Village:EOF Hackspace (VillageName: EOF Hackspace), Village: Village:Femcamp (VillageName: Femcamp), Village: Village:Field-FX (VillageName: Field-FX), Village: Village:fizzPOP (VillageName: fizzPOP), Village: Village:Foodhackingbase (VillageName: Foodhackingbase), Village: Village:Goldsmithing (VillageName: Goldsmithing), Village: Village:Gothic Valley (VillageName: Gothic Valley), Village: Village:Guild of Makers (VillageName: Guild of Makers), Village: Village:HABville (VillageName: HABville), Village: Village:Hackaday Readers (VillageName: Hackaday Readers), Village: Village:Hacks 'R' Us (VillageName: Hacks 'R' Us), Village: Village:Hacky Racers (VillageName: Hacky Racers), Village: Village:Hamfurs (VillageName: Hamfurs), Village: Village:Hardware Hacking Area (VillageName: Hardware Hacking Area), Village: Village:Hardware Swap Shop (VillageName: Hardware Swap Shop), Village: Village:Hat Village (VillageName: Hat Village), Village: Village:Hitchin Hackspace (VillageName: Hitchin Hackspace), Village: Village:Holistic Howlers (VillageName: Holistic Howlers), Village: Village:HTTP 418 (VillageName: HTTP 418), Village: Village:ICAH (VillageName: ICAH), Village: Village:Introverted Engineering Task Force (VillageName: Introverted Engineering Task Force), Village: Village:Ipswich Makerspace (VillageName: Ipswich Makerspace), Village: Village:Irish Embassy (VillageName: Irish Embassy), Village: Village:lainchan (VillageName: lainchan), Village: Village:LaserLlamas (VillageName: LaserLlamas), Village: Village:Little Shenzhen (VillageName: Little Shenzhen), Village: Village:Locksport (VillageName: Locksport), Village: Village:London Aerospace (VillageName: London Aerospace)