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Village: Village:London Hackspace (VillageName: London Hackspace), Village: Village:Maidstone Hackspace (VillageName: Maidstone Hackspace), Village: Village:Maths Village (VillageName: Maths Village), Village: Village:MEGA (VillageName: MEGA), Village: Village:Mega Pi Noon (VillageName: Mega Pi Noon), Village: Village:Milliways (VillageName: Milliways), Village: Village:MiscHaufen (VillageName: MiscHaufen), Village: Village:MK Makerspace (VillageName: MK Makerspace), Village: Village:Moose (VillageName: Moose), Village: Village:Motley Crew (VillageName: Motley Crew), Village: Village:Newbury and District Hackspace (VillageName: Newbury and District Hackspace), Village: Village:Nexmo & Friends (VillageName: Nexmo & Friends), Village: Village:NorthSouth (VillageName: NorthSouth), Village: Village:North-West Tenting (VillageName: North-West Tenting), Village: Village:Nottinghack (VillageName: Nottinghack), Village: Village:ObscureCon (VillageName: ObscureCon), Village: Village:Octogenarians (VillageName: Octogenarians), Village: Village:olicon (VillageName: olicon), Village: Village:Opendigitalradio (VillageName: Opendigitalradio), Village: Village:Owl City (VillageName: Owl City)