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EV charging is frequently requested, and we plan to provide a dedicated parking area for this at EMF2018.

Please note that your vehicles will be charged from our (modern, clean) diesel generators - there is still no other economical way of providing power at events such EMF.

Our present plans involve providing power either on standard 16A IEC309 ('caravan'/'commando'/'ceeform') connectors or on UK 13A sockets.

We need more information and feedback on what works for EV owners, e.g. what cables/connectors do you have.

If you would like to charge your EV at EMF, please fill in your details below.

Name/Nick Power requirements Notes
(example) 16A I'll need to find a cable...
edent 10A 3 pin socket, or 16 amp Type 2 socket. I'd suggest not many people have a IEC309 converter - so may be more practical to supply BS 1363 sockets, or Mennekes / IEC 62196 Type 2.
Incanus 10A 3 pin socket, or 16 amp Type 2 socket. I would echo Edent's comment that most wont have a IEC309 converter. Either normal 3 pin plug socket or Type 2. Shame there are so few public charge points in that part of the country :(