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parkrun [1] is a free, weekly, timed 5km run that takes place every weekend in thousands of parks around the world (500 in the UK). 150,000 UK people run at a parkrun event each week out of a total community of 1.7m. They take place in the UK at 9am on a Saturday morning. You can RUN, WALK, or VOLUNTEER at the event. There is no need to run at a certain pace, or finish in a certain time. To get a time you need a barcode, which needs to be printed - you can sign up here: ParkRun UK signup page. Don't forget your barcode if you want to have your time recorded.

There are a number of events near the Eastnor field:

 * Newent (11km)
 * Tewkesbury (16km)
 * Gloucester (20km)

The simplest drive looks like Tewkesbury. Who would like to go? Who is able to provide vehicle transport? Let's use this page to co-ordinate. We would need to depart (wheels moving) at 08:00am in order to make sure we made the first timers briefing by 08:50 after parking, etc. I'd propose that we all leave the parkrun event together after ever EMFer finishes their event to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Whilst we figure out a way to store this data, handydee is planning to attend and willing to drive. As is handee. Let's list the cars going below so we can work out our capacity.

Cars going:

  • Handee's ancient Yaris - comfortably seats 3 passengers, uncomfortably seats 4.

parkrun during EMFCAMP
Heading to the free weekly timed run near Eastnor
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