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When: Saturday 6th August 2016 9:30am - 12:00 noon

Where: The Vendors / Hack center, near the catering


We are proud to present the first EMF Hack-N-Swap-O-Rama™ - Beg, haggle, sell, buy, barter and swap!

Campers are invited to bring a shoebox of old electronic components, mechanical parts, obsolete technology, abandoned projects, unwanted gimmicks, surplus acquisitions - anything hack-worthy to sell or swap with others!

Tables will be made available to show off your stuff.


  • Only bring what you can take away with you if necessary.
  • Only buy/take what you can keep and carry home…
  • You must leave nothing behind!

P.S. Did we mention nothing to be left on site, only bring & buy what you are prepared to take home!