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Each year we ask for groups to build part of the giant EMF sign we place somewhere on site. We'd like to do it again this year, and we need your help!


If there's enough interest we'd really like to build 7 characters and aim for "EMF 2016"!

How do we get involved

If you would like to build a letter please email content@emfcamp.org with the letter you'd like to build.

What do we need to do

Build one of the letters/numbers!


  • Each character should be approximately 6ft high by 4ft across
  • You should aim for it to be freestanding
  • We'll be lighting it up at night, so be sure that any built-in illumination is bright!
  • Interactivity is cool
  • Weird materials are too!
  • Please make sure it is family friendly..

We can provide a small budget to each team, and we'd like the letters to be on-site on the Thursday night if possible. Friday lunchtime at the latest.

Who is building the letters so far?

Letter Builder Design Size
E Robert McWilliam Wacky Waving Inflatable E
M Oxhack ???
F Nigel Tolley Key
'1 Joe Elleson Robotic thing?
6 Richard Sewell Wireframe wastepipe illuminated 6