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Description All the awesome - right here
Contact User:dpslwk
Activities Booze, Banjos, Big Beer Barrel Belly Bish-Bop
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Nottingham Hackspace Village

A group of folks from Nottinghack will be bringing a few things to demonstrate and may well be teaching a thing or two.

Nottinghackers attending

Main list can be found here

  1. Matt Lloyd
  2. Kate Bolin
  3. Alex Wells
  4. Rob Hunt
  5. Michael Erskine
  6. Mouse
  7. Ben White
  8. Leah
  9. Sophie
  10. Nick
  11. Joe
  12. Kirsty L
  13. James H
  14. Jake
  15. Ian D
  16. James Hodgson
  17. Vicky Morrel
  18. John M
  19. Toby
  20. Daniel S
  21. Charlotte C
  22. Robert Miles