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# [[User:rob]] Rob H
# [[User:rob]] Rob H
# [[User:Msemtd]] Michael Erskine
# [[User:Msemtd]] Michael Erskine
# [[User:Mouse|Mouse]]

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Description All the awesome - right here
Contact User:dpslwk
Activities Booze, Banjos, Big Beer Barrel Belly Bish-Bop
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Nottingham Hackspace Village

A group of folks from Nottinghack will be bringing a few things to demonstrate and may well be teaching a thing or two.

Nottinghackers attending

  1. User:dpslwk Matt Lloyd
  2. User:KateBolin Kate Bolin
  3. User:alex.w Alex Wells
  4. User:rob Rob H
  5. User:Msemtd Michael Erskine
  6. Mouse