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| Benjamin Blundell
| London Hackspace (but originally Leeds Hackspace)
| secti0n9
| Katie Eagleton
| Katie Eagleton
| Katie Eagleton
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| Benjamin Blundell
| Benjamin Blundell
| Mathers
| maker community
| elsie_m_
| e-textiles & puzzles/games if space in car
| Hannah Higgins
| Hannah Higgins

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Haxors of the roses

Village-Haxors of the roses.gif

Description A village for all those northerners that are represented by a rose.
Contact User:drrk
Activities TBD
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Haxors of the Roses are back again, a collaboration between Hackspace Manchester, Leeds Hackspace, York Hackspace, LAMM, [delete or add as applicable!], joining forces to unanimously agree once and for all that the wrong side of the Pennines is the South side.

Who's coming?

Name From Twitter Sharing Bringing something cool?

Aimee Phillips York Hackspace aimeephillips
Alex Silcock Leeds Hackspace ultrafez
Andy Cook Leeds Hackspace Nerf Tracer Rounds
Ben Dooks Hacman bjdooks
Benjamin Blundell London Hackspace (but originally Leeds Hackspace) secti0n9 Katie Eagleton
Bob Clough Hacman thinkl33t Whatever i can fit in my bag - probably flashy led stuff
Bob Stone York Hackspace BobDotStone SpaceHack
Chris Hilliard Hacman badspyro Hopefully, a wood burning stove, bacon, and general insanity?
Christine Farion York Hackspace CMoz
Daniel York Hackspace Danieljabailey Free haribos if you can hack the box.
Fahad Sadah Hacman Sas Nerf weaponry and ammo; board games; possibly Cards Against Humanity
James "theorbtwo" Mastros Swindon Makerspace theorbtwo Jess R
Jess Robinson Swindon Makerspace castaway James M Kettle, Fridge, 3D printer (M3D), Board/Card games, Toys ..
John Cooper York Hackspace choffee
Joseph Corcoran Leeds Hackspace Japoteg
Kathryn Reeve Hacman Binarykitten Self, few Board Games
Kimball Johnson Hacman/London Hackspace drrk Steph
Luke McCullagh York Hackspace Zeroclick
Martyn Ranyard Leeds Hackspace iMartyn No clue, ask me on the bus!
Mathers x4 maker community e-textiles & puzzles/games if space in car
Paul Brook Leeds Hackspace pbrook80
Rick Ansell Hell / Dstl / The South / Milford Rickansell
Tom Bloor LAMM / Hacman tbsliver Myself
Tom Hargreaves Leeds Hackspace

Katie Eagleton HullCoin fearandsequins Benjamin Blundell
Hannah Higgins Southsea hunni197 Herself
Tas Kay HacMan NotQuiteHere Skippy
Skippy McGaw HacMan SkippyUK Tas