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Camp Holland

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Description Your favourite Dutch people bringing some stroopwafels and air horns you'll hear across the channel.
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Scottish Consulate
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We drive on the rightcorrect side of the road. Beware.

Maakt het Verenigd Koninkrijk weer groots.

None of the content of this page reflects what our plans really are. You just have to come and see. You'll see.


  • We have reserved a 3x6 meter tent, 12 tables and 24 chairs.
  • There will be Schuko power available in the village.


  • 4x 5m RGB led strips for making our 6x3m tent orange, or any other color. (Sling)


Offering transport

  • Sling has 1 or 2 free spots in his car (depending on how much stuff you're bringing), see above table for arrival/departure dates).

Needing transport

  • You?


Q: Is this a successful hack42 project?
A: Yes. Every successful project can be claimed as Hack42 :)
Q: Bitlair?
A: Bitlair bitlair.
Q: Can I join?
A: Do your devices plug into Schuko? Can you stand dutch-talk in the early morning?
Q: Is this Hack42 only?
A: No, some of us just live there.
Q: Is there a pulse jet?
A, one might be able to find one somewhere.

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