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|Description=The CRTC demo group
|Description=The CRTC demo group
|Activities=Democoding, electronics, eating food and drinking beer
|Activities=Democoding, electronics, eating food and drinking beer

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Description The CRTC demo group
Contact User:df
Web Site http://crtc.tv/
Activities Democoding, electronics, eating food and drinking beer
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Hello campers!

I felt like we were totally disorganised about EMF camp so made this wiki-thing to help in some way - Chris (df).

So.. important things first!


(t)iff has created a doodle here.


df: I suspect I'll be stopping at a supermarket on the way down to stock up on beer supplies for the weekend. Does anyone have any better ideas?


Pup/megmeg and df will be sleeping in vans parked up in a muddy field. I believe everyone else will be sleeping in tents, it may be worth picking a spot on the map for us to congregate and perhaps creating a 'village'.

df: I am hoping I can borrow a gazebo to give us a bit of shelter if we need it, it would be great if anyone else could also bring along whatever is available to add to the space!


df: I'll probably take my fridge again, for storage of beer and bacon. Probably a soldering iron and various tools, laptop, sound card, ham radio, camera gear.


Plenty of interesting seminars for all to attend, write here about any other projects you may be working on over the weekend.

df: I'd like to spend some time getting the new badge to do something interesting, I have some ideas but haven't thought too much about them yet. I have also just discovered that there will be a sort of "Robot Wars" on the Saturday for crappy robots, perhaps I could build something for that.. There is also another EMF Film being planned, but that proved to be a massive time sink last time so I probably won't volunteer again (PS: the previous film 'Tentman' will be premiering during the weekend).


There were periods during last EMF where I was walking around wondering where people were; we could run phone trackers this year so we can see each other on the map - would any be interested in this? I have successfully used the buddy tracker in Viewranger for this in the past (it can be configured so that it doesn't draw too much power) - df.